We’re busy working on the following fixes:

1) Frame Rate Glitch issues (these are audio asset loading stutters unfortunately)
2) Terror Bug in 3-1 (aka sometimes no Worm Boss in 3-1)
3) Bonus 2D levels scoring (some levels are impossible to get achievement Gold at the moment)
4) Progression to 100%. Items 2-3 and some level scoring prevent completionists from getting 100% on the game
5) Some optimizations that should help when running off external USB drives
6) 6-1 missing cube fix (shouldn’t have that missing icon at all – there is no hidden cube in this level
7) Improve colour and sharpness

… and a few other things we’ve noticed from user comments on Miverse and Twitter. Internally we call this Patch 0 but it’s really Armillo ver 1.1 for you guys!)

Notes & Hints!

a) If external USB drives are causing slowdowns that are affecting gameplay, please consider moving Armillo to your internal drive (At least for the time being). Some users have reported that this fixes most of the issues for them (except for the small loading hiccups) while others report that there is no noticeable performance when moving the game to an external USB.

b) Most of the loading stutters will dissappear when you re-play a level that you just finished. That’s because all the assets are already in memory.

c) Frame Rate: Apart from 4 levels which do run at 30fps (as designed), ┬áthe remaining 36+ levels and 16 moons (loading stutters issues aside) run at 60fps for so once the loading is complete, you’re flyin’ – whoohoo !

We are really hoping to have all these fixes in the next patch but we really need to test these issues thoroughly before we submit to Nintendo for approval.

We appreciate everyone’s patience !

Team Fuzzy