Official Armillo developer here with a message to the fearless Armillo players out there: Terror Bug in 3-1!

Hi everyone!

We’ve noticed that while some players complete 3D 3-1 without trouble, others are not able to find the secret cube. It looks like there is a bug that TERRORIZES The Worm Boss™ once he sees Bolobol for the first time in 3-1 (…ummm… …wut? …seriously…?) and subsequently The Worm Boss™ no longer comes out to play! We’re not 100% sure why Bolobol would be such a colossal threat for The Worm Boss™ but we’re testing various scenarios at the moment to find out. I’ll provide more info next week after we’ve completed all our testing.

I’m really sorry about this, please don’t take it out on Bolobol – Armillo really needs him!